Tuesday Runaround - Anyone Can Wear Green Lantern T-Shirts

Tuesday Runaround – Anyone Can Wear Green Lantern T-Shirts

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ClothingWatch: Heidi notices Warner Bros reach out to the fashion industry over Green Lantern Note that pesky off-message “Anyone can be chosen” still rearing its ugly head.

ScriptWatch: Scott Synder script exerpts for American Vampire #5 from DC Comics.

We’re in the garage. VACHON enters, having descended the stairs. He’s dabbing at his tie with a napkin. There’s blood on the tie.

PEARL CAPTION: “Big, mean Mastiffs. Six in all. Anyone came inside our gate without ringing and those dogs would run at him.”

PropagandaWatch: The US military is creating four manga-style comic books to explain the US/Japanese security alliance to the Japanese youth. No, seriously they are. Entitled Our Alliance — A Lasting Partnership, they will be printed and made available digitally. The first one will be published tomorrow.

KickWatch: Tarquin Pack, producer of Kick-Ass talks about transforming a comic idea into a film script. And basically backs up pretty much everything Mark Millar said about the process. How about that?

Mark came to Matthew a few months later with this really vague idea for this slightly insane comic that he was thinking of writing. Matthew loved it. Mark had probably written, in outline form, about half of the comic series, when he was handing it all over to Matthew. Matthew and Jane started writing it together. They started off using Mark’s storylines, and then they started getting ahead of him. He was writing really vague outlines while we were writing the script. It was a weird process — a lot of cross-fertilization. What’s ends up being interesting about is that you have entire scenes and entire moments which almost frame for frame reference the comic book, but then there are also departures, with people’s names and where character arcs go and how people behave. It was interesting actually working with the creator of the comic at the same time. It wasn’t like, we bought the rights to your comic book and now we’re going to ruin it. It was more like, we want to do this because film is not the same as comics and the two mediums should be treated differently and people should do different things in different ways… We were bouncing around everything from costume ideas to everything. When we were writing the script, John hadn’t even drawn a panel yet. So when he started drawing the panels, we were discussing the Kick-Ass costume and how it works. In the comic, you can’t see his mouth. As soon as the artists started showing us pictures, we said we really love that but when we do it, we’re going to have to show his mouth. If you think about the Spider-Man movies, whenever he has to relate to people and to the audience, he ends up having to roll his mask up. It’s very disconcerting not having a mouth. The Red Mist costume was really driven out of our costume department on the film, and we were showing our ideas to John. His version is slightly different than ours. Big Daddy’s costume is the most obvious departure. We wanted to have a really iconic superhero outfit, they went down a more “Hitcher” road.

StanWatch: And listen. Stan Lee behind the scenes of the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions game.

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