MGM Finds A Few Hundred Thou For New Outer Limits Script

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What’s going on, MGM? You’re falling apart and need a drastic cash infusion to save your life… and still you pay a six figure sum to some screenwriters for a movie that nobody will believe is urgent.

The studio has shelled out “mid-six figures” to Saw and Feast screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan for an adaptation of The Outer Limits. Has that just generated “mid-six figures” worth of excitement in you? Or just a little shrug?

Thought so.

Variety‘s report reveals that MGM paid up around the same time as their latest debt extension was confirmed. They add:

Though the writers contend that the work  commenced in mid-July, MGM disputes the timeline. A spokesperson for the Lion admits that the scribes were paid just weeks ago but insists that the duo was hired well before the studio’s current financial woes began to mount.

Is there no way they could have suspended the deal? That money could have been more usefully diverted to actually releasing something MGM have more or less ready to roll out – Red Dawn, maybe, or Cabin in the Woods. Something that would have, you know, generated some cash income. What a shame.

The Outer Limits show was clearly inspired by The Twilight Zone, following the same anthology format with bookends provided by an omniscient narrator. I wonder if this influence will follow to the big screen, and if Melton and Dunstan will use the same episodic structure as the Twilight Zone movie or if they’ll look to distance themselves a little.

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