Green Lantern's Mark Strong Says Movie Sinestro May Have Looked... Different

Green Lantern’s Mark Strong Says Movie Sinestro May Have Looked… Different

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Mark Strong was caught at Comic-Con and asked about the movie makeup for Green Lantern‘s Sinestro. We know that the finished design was rather like the comic book version – see the image above – but what else had they considered?

There was a whole production run of ideas of ponytails and goatees and all this kind of stuff, [and] I couldn’t really understand why they would want to change it, because it’s so successful in the comic. It’s born of the look of David Niven, that moustache and that widow’s peak, and I think it would be a shame to get rid of it.

Indeed, why even think about changing it? The ‘tache is, of course, classic Chester face fuzz – but a goatee? Or a ponytail? Is Sinestro supposed to be some sort of tedious, self-involved tosspot or something? Or a street magician?

Here’s a full video of Strong and MTV discussing the Sinestro look for 2011.

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