Brandon Routh Has Spoken To Sam Raimi About World Of Warcraft

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We’ve no idea when the World of Warcraft movie will go before cameras, but Sam Raimi is currently hard at work fashioning a treatment to please both his ambitions and the producers at Legendary and Blizzard. Early days, then, for any sort of casting, but he will at least know already that Brandon Routh is keen and interested. Routh was first quizzed on Warcraft last year, by MTV, but there’s a bit more to go on now.

Here’s a video from Empire in which Routh reveals he’s spoken to Raimi about… well, maybe not the film as much as the game, but it’s a start at least.

I met Sam Raimi a month ago, at a party Edgar [Wright] had. He was very sweet and very nice and we talked a little bit about our addictions to Warcraft and, you know, we’ll see what happens when they get it up and running.

If you think that quote is flimsy (it probably is, but who knows what will happen) be warned that the rest of the video is an entirely meaningless bit of hot air about the next Superman film. I won’t even bother transcribing it.

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