Troma Watch: More Toxic Avenger, Incredible Father's Day Trailer

Troma Watch: More Toxic Avenger, Incredible Father’s Day Trailer

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Lloyd Kaufman has made it clear that he has no control over the much-threatened Toxic Avenger remake. What Troma can deliver on their own uncompromising terms, however, is another sequel in the series – and more details on that movie are dripping out regularly now.

Back on July 9th, Kaufman posted this image to his MySpace page:

And captioned it:

Preliminary design of “older” Toxie for the Toxic Avenger Part V. What do you think?

Older Toxie? I wondered what that meant at the time, but it makes a bit more sense now that Bloody Disgusting have published the following image:

The same article reveals that this new movie will be scripted by Collyn McCoy, and tells us that he:

… came to the attention of Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of the Toxic Avenger, by a chance meeting with Josh Olson, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of A History of Violence at Gremlins director Joe Dante’s office where both were filming segments of Dante’s webseries Trailers from Hell.

What else do we know about the new Toxie picture? Not a great deal, but Kaufman has promised, on the Tromemoir blog, that some other familiar faces will turn up too:

Sgt. Kabuki Man has a big part in [the 5th Toxic Avenger film], and which ever characters you fans like best will also have a Cameo.  Troma is fan based operation.  Who do you want to see?

Kabuki Man is definitely good but I’d also love to see more from Terror Firmer‘s Larry Benjamin. Are you listening, Kaufman?

Away from Toxie, the Troma team have this week released a trailer for their upcoming Father’s Day.  It’s perfect timing on Kaufman’s part to be launching a movie with this title just as Darren Lynn Bousman’s remake of Troma’s Mother’s Day is gearing up for release.

Please don’t watch this trailer at work. Or near anybody you want to ever look in the eye again.

Father’s Day has been directed by Astron-6, five Canadians with a nostalgia for their teenaged orgies of VHS schlock. Here’s one of their – rather telling – press portraits.

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