Neil Jordan To Script And Direct Skippy Dies

Neil Jordan To Script And Direct Skippy Dies

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Paul Murray’s novel Skippy Dies begins like this:

Skippy and Ruprecht are having a doughnut-eating race one evening when Skippy turns purple and falls of his chair. It is a Friday in November, and Ed’s is only half full; if Skippy makes a noise as he topples to the floor, no one pays any attention. Nor is Ruprecht, at first, overly concerned; rather he is pleased, because it means that he, Ruprecht, has won the race, his sixteenth in a row, bringing him one step closer to the all-time record held by Guid ‘The Gland’ LaMancher, Seabrook College class of ’93.

Before the scene ends, Skippy scrawls ‘Tell Lori’ on the floor in doughnut jam, and dies. The story then leaps back in time, and opens up to reveal what brought the characters to this moment and what the sticky message means. Or at least, I’m told it does – I’ve read only the first few pages, and only now, today, that I have taken on the job of this news post. I have, however, added the entire novel to my Must Get Around To Soon list.

According to Deadline, Neil Jordan has signed on to script and direct a feature film version of the novel. This is perfect – Jordan is tremendous with young protagonists (The Company of Wolves, The MiracleThe Butcher Boy) and the Dublin boarding school setting is something he should have an interesting perspective on.

Jordan’s other in-the-works adaptation is a film of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book.

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