Monday Runaround - From Kim Jong-Il To Harvey Pekar

Monday Runaround – From Kim Jong-Il To Harvey Pekar

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PuppetWatch: Team America: World Police‘s Cartmanesque Kim Jong-Il becomes a poster figure for Democratic Burma marches

AuctionWatch: Copies of Batman 1, 2 and 4 are up for auction today. Not in the greatest condition, nevertheless they are expected to bring in around $50,000 between them, after being found in a dresser, used to help the drawer slide in and out more easily.

AgentWatch: Neal Adams and Andy Diggle sign with William Morris Agency. You know, I really should pay more attention to who is on the boat at Comic Con…

BoardWatch: Spider-Girl fans feel burnt by a Newsarama article about them. One poster, VENOM, writes;

After nearly a decade of moderating this board in what I hope most would consider to be a fair, respectful, and balanced manner, it upsets me that one of very few negative few posts from that time period would be used to represent me in an article that many, many people are likely to read, and I feel a bit burned by it.

ShortWatch: Did you like the Day & Night short film at the beginning of Toy Story 3? Want to see it again?

HarveyWatch: Bookslut enjoys the work of Harvey Pekar.

I’ve read bits and pieces of American Splendor over the years, but never felt the weight of it. That’s why I decided to spend a weekend reading all the issues I could get my hands on, and see if it’s possible to separate the stories from the man.

SurgeryWatch: What if Superman… could only walk with braces?

HistoryWatch: How comics created Taschen – the bookstore and the publisher. And how a Crumb book and DC 75th Anniversary title will bring them back to their roots.

Taschen’s origins trace to 1980, when the 18-year-old comic book collector sold his wares from a tiny storefront in Cologne, Germany (where the firm is still headquartered), evolving into the publishing of art books beginning with Picasso. Although he may mingle with the Hollywood elite, Benedikt Taschen is a rather reserved, behind-the-scenes type of publisher.

TweetWatch: Mark Millar gets excited about… something.

Biggest news I’ve ever had over the weekend. I think this might be announced in the next couple of days. But very, very exciting. Stay tuned

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