Thor And Captain America Footage Locked Away On Iron Man 2 Blu-ray

Posted by August 1, 2010 Comment

I have received consolidation for the rumour that the upcoming Iron Man 2 blu-ray disc will contain, locked away behind a tricky game-puzzle interface, footage from both Thor and Captain America. Not to take the shine off of this news, but we’ve already run the Thor footage and the Captain America stuff may well end up being nothing more than the costume-test teaser that played at Comic-Con.

On the other hand, the Cap stuff might just be the full scene with Hugo Weaving trying to acquire the cosmic cube that we were telling you about. And it will all be in HD on the Blu-ray, we assume.

One thing is for sure: when the disc hits, we’ll be hacking into it and publishing instructions so that you can see the full-quality clips at home on your own copy.

The rumour originated at Comic Book Movie.

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