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So I receive this email from someone saying;

I’m not sure if this would be of any use to you.
I work at a Talent Agency in LA.

One of the managers here had a script for a movie called “Princess Lucinda”. I heard it was a comic book based movie . So being the geek girl that I am I looked it up oon the internet.

The Book is published by a company I’ve never heard of called Channel M. I found a place to buy a PDF copy of the comic online and confirm it was the same characters as the script (it was).

My Manager says its moving around the studios and from what I read it could be a great movie.

Basicly its Like a reverse f all the Disney Princess Movies with the main character a twelve year old princess being an evil witch stuck on earth.

If you use this call me Lady-Shadow

Well it’s not like the other name you used is probably your real name either. A quick seach for your avalonnatlantis email address and “Princess Lucinda” reveals this Deviant Art page from 2006.

Featuring some fan art for Princess Lucinda. And a response along the bottom from an avalonnatlantis saying;

Great comic!

I agree with the other person. Its very much “drink of your choice from your nose” Funny.

It made me look at gallery to learn more about the evil that is Lucinda. I have to say her story would make a great Anime or comic!

Keep up the good work dude.
You do funny well.

And another one over here with the response from avalonnatlantis

Great picture of Lucinda!

Well done, Ms Talent Agent. Somehow I don’t think you’re quite who you say you are… be careful which addresses you use to send out your guerilla PR.

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