Kieron Gillen's Curfew Goes Live

A dystopian future (but then again aren't they all) in a society with reduced civil liberties, Curfew is a new free online game from Channel 4 written by Thor/X-Men/Phonogram's Kieron Gillen. A dialogue-choosing adventure, it's all about creating, maintaining and judging levels of trust. With a couple of breaks for some minor shoot-em-ups.

The first level has been released, The Boy, following a young man trying to add a little spice to his life buy buying… a video game. Taking the place of drugs, this involves finding a contact at a local fast food emporium, getting to an out-of-the-way back alley and evading the inevitable police. And gaining the trust of the individual going through these experiences.

There's some dodgy acting and visuals, a few dialogue loops and some frustrating moments where you are left with only one option against your natural instincts. It also beggars credibility that a game could inspire such police thuggery, but you kinda roll with it. And touches as using air tags, a quick burst of window washing and activist comedian Mark Thomas as the media voice of fascist Britain (and a few bonus video rewards) do tend to elevate it a tad. I'll certainly be back for next week.

The earnestness of links to Amnesty International and the like to make it feel a bit sixth-form, especially when linked the the rather one side "stick it to the man" tone, but it's free, it's fun and it livery of the fascist state does give it an entertaining V For Vendetta-meets-Starship Troopers vibe.

In other news, the spellchecker on this thing (which I've recently discovered) wants to turn "dystopian" into "dustman". Hilarious

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