Frightfest's Short Film Showcase Unveiled

Poor ol' short films. They don't get anything like enough love. They're seen, mainly, as stepping stones to feature making careers, or novel things to pass about virally and only ever watch on a computer screen. I'd love to see more of them playing in cinemas – indeed, I don't know why every feature isn't preceded by a short or two.

I'm pleased to see that Frightfest have booked a whole program of horror mini-movies for their festival. Kicking off at 1pm on Sunday 29th August is their little pick-and-mix of short productions from around the world featuring 14 films from 6 different countries.

Here's the full list:


USA Dir. Steven Shea 8.30 mins
A night out with the girls. A hot new club and a hot new guy. For Vickie Palmer, yesterday would be her last day.

To My Mother and Father

UK / Turkey Dir. Can Evrenol 8.45 mins
When Jimmy is left alone in his house he discovers an old mask and decides to scare his parents upon their arrival home.

Bon Appetit

UK Dir. Kate Shenton 3.49 mins
A deliciously dark comedy about food. BON APPETIT provides unappetizing twists to everyday eating.

Rise of the Appliances

UK Dir. Rob Sprackling 8.56 mins
Machines rise up and take over the world – but rather than being cool cyborgs, they are household domestic appliances.

The End…

UK Dir. Marc Price 4.45 mins
An out-of-his-depth hero is presented with a deadly choice. Shot primarily as a camera and visual effects test THE END… should feel like part of an action movie climax.

Through the Night

UK Dir. Lee Cronin 10 mins
Every night, around the world – couples fall asleep side by side, trusting they know who lies beside them..

Dead Hungry

UK Dir. William Bridges 10 mins
Life's a bitch and then you die… Then you're a zombie and death's a bitch too!


UK Dir. Melanie Light 4.28 mins
A man driving through the snowy countryside decides to pursue a female jogger. Resulting in some interesting consequences.

Papa Wrestling

Portugal Dir. Fernando Alle 8.53 mins
After bullies steal his son's lunchbox, a retired wrestler goes on a violent rampage to avenge him and bring justice to the school.

Nelly and Lio

Canada Dir. Etienne Langlois 11.09 mins
Nelly and Lio are in the forest while the radio announces that a dangerous criminal has escaped in the region. Their paths will inevitably intersect..

Red Balloon

UK Dir. Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Mace 13 mins
Several times during the course of the night, Dorothy, the little girl Julie is looking after, behaves oddly, screaming from her bedroom. Each time, Julie puts her back to bed, comforting her by telling her it's just a nightmare… Or is it?

Le Madre

Spain Dir. Alberto Evangelio 6.36 mins
The Mother never believed that her son's nightmares could be real.

How I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse

USA Dir. Christian Cantamessa 10 mins
A single mother and her teenage son struggle to survive in a brutal near future where zombies roam the Earth.


UK Dir. Louis Paxton 9.30 mins
The story of Hector's journey into dance hell as the city is overwhelmed by an hysterical body-popping plague.

Marc Price's The End… is notable because it's by Marc Price, director of Colin – but will it hold up as a self contained work? I imagine that one is actually going to be more of a curio. Overall, though, this seems like a perfect example of "If you don't like one, another one will be along in… an average of seven and three quarter minutes".

Yep, I worked that out. In my head.

Frightfest are yet to post these details themselves, but their friend Ervim at M&C did the honours.

Tickets for this program, or any of the other individual features at the festival, go on sale today.