Alex Pardee’s Sucker Punch Illustrations, And An Explanation Of What That Dragon Is All About

If you’ve seen the Sucker Punch marketing materials, you likely noticed the huge green mecha with a pink bunny face painted on it. Chances are some of you will have found that rabbit’s fizzog somewhat familiar: he’s the spit of Alex Pardee’s Bunnywith.

And that, of course, is because Pardee has been working as a designer on the movie.

During Comic-Con, Pardee was giving away and signing a series of Sucker Punch shirts and posters that he has illustrated. Here’s a look at them in situ and then, courtesy of io9, some nice, online versions of his illustrations. Avatars and wallpaper ahoy!

Also in the io9 post is a little bit of a Zack Snyder round-table interview. Here’s a spoilery quote, beginning with Snyder’s claim that he doesn’t dream like the rest of us:

I dream in a different way. I guess that’s what our movie is about, for me anyway. one of the mechanisms of the film, or the procedural parts of the movie, is that when one of the girls fantasizes or closes her eyes, whatever you want to call it, their adventure parallels a little adventure they’re doing in reality. Like, for instance, they need to steal a lighter that has dragon etched on it. It’s the simplest thing ever. That’s what they’re really doing.

Baby Doll’s version of it is what you see, that’s the movie — part of it. She closes her eyes, they go to another freakin’ world, they fight a dragon, they have a B-25 with a jet engine, they finally slit the baby dragon’s throat and then… they steal the fire. She ends up killing the dragon and when she comes to, and the music ends, and that object has been stolen because she has successfully distracted the person they needed to distract.

There’s like this kind of super-simple, straightforward procedural part of it. But then there’s like this insane, when she actually does fantasize, it’s a fantasy. I just use my own imagination as a template. So, yeah they do dream big.

Interesting that it’s a baby dragon they take the fire from.