Page Six One Six - San Diego Comic Con Blind Items

Page Six One Six – San Diego Comic Con Blind Items

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At every comic book convention, there are some stories that giving a name to would rob them of their power. And possibly launch lawsuits. Welcome to the return of Page 616 and the blind items…

1) Which indie publisher, presumed to be fairly shy and unassuming, was seen very successfully chatting up a stunning young lady outside the Hyatt, only to walk her to her hotel room and not to be seen till the morning, putting some of the greater comics letharios to shame?

2) Which showrunner and director helped cast members of which geeky TV show to bone up on the comic fan knowledge they are sadly lacking in before meeting the press – such as giving them answers to “what should I think of the movie Green Lantern costume?” and “why exactly is Scott Pilgrim awesome anyway?”

3) Which sci-fi star’ daughter is so drop dead gorgeous looking that, when hanging around in the Hilton waiting for her mother, it sent some running to IMDB to make sure their lustful urges were not illegal in the state of California. (They weren’t).

4) Which comic book creator found a young lady who demanded he only service her in the hotel elevators covered in True Blood images, so she could look at the cast while she got down to business? So he took the lift to the highest floor, wedged open the doors and hoped no one would require the lift on that floor in the next three minutes (they didn’t.)

5) Which very helpful fangirl was on hand when a War Machine cosplayer discovered he was unable to get to the bathroom in time and volunteered the use of her water bottle, which she held while looking in the other direction? If anyone found it, that wasn’t Snapple.

6) Which comic book creator fashioned an eye patch with the words “I Went To Hall H And All I Got Was This Injury To Eye Motif” written on, before thinking better of it and throwing it away.

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