San Diegoing On - The Pen Is Mightier Than The Plastic Light Sabre

San Diegoing On – The Pen Is Mightier Than The Plastic Light Sabre

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So, it didn’t take long for the cosplayers to pick up the gauntlet from yesterday.

Thanks to @jdracoules and @funnyordie for the photos there.

Whether it was Tony Lee’s “I lost my pen in hall H. Can someone find it for me?” tweet, or a number of people brandishing biros screaming “We Are Armed And Dangerous”, this year’s Comic Con has changed from “the one with the hotels covered in big pictures” to “the one with the pen attack”. Turns out the actual assault was less severe than some supposed, yes there was blood, but it was a scratch on the side of the face rather than an impaled retina.

Spent time with Kieron Gillen in the bar last night who, when asked if his inner 14 year old was excited about writing Uncanny X-Men: Generation Hope, told me “My inner 14 year old child is always excited. That’s what they do”.

I also heard, though unnannounced, that Phil Jiminez will be doing a regular Legion back-up strip in Paul Levitz’ Legion Of Superheroes title.

I also bumped into Eric Canete – he’s not doing any work at the moment, though not from lack of offeres. He’s just taking a gap year to relax and recuperate, before he goes back to hitting the boards in 2011.

Bone hits the PSP, IDW (with True Blood) hit the Nokia phone platforms, there’s a lot of digital announcements this show. That basically come down to “this comic now on this platform!”

Oh and apparently I was on CNN this morning being interviewed by Paul Shorny. I don’t know who Paul Shorny is and I have no memory of this interview. Anyone see it? Just how lagged did I look?

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