YouTube Vs Bootleg Footage For Comic Con

YouTube may have been counting down to their Life In A Day promotional event. But they’ve been making some changes to the site in other ways too.

Just as San Diego Comic Con was kicking off and the big studios were showing movie footage on their big screens, amidst many warnings not to film the material (ignored by several who then posted directly online), YouTube… did something.

The tweaked how their streaming methods worked, so that a number of download apps broke, stopping people momentarily from downloading these YouTube files on their hard or flash drives in the usual way.

Now obviously this will soon be hacked and it will be business as usual. But that has given studios extra grac, in removing Comic Con cam footage – in the knowledge that it is less likley that thousands of people have kept the footage permanently, ready to upload it after the original clips are taken down.

YouTube anticipated many DMCA claims filed by studios over uploaded clips from exclusives and sneaks previews at Comic Con. And several were filed on Preview Night alone. As you can see, Bleeding Cool’s Tron Legacy footage is gone.

But, just as YouTube begins its biggest promotional activity for a while, will give them a slightly smaller headache – for a week or two at least.

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