Neil Gaiman Scripting Movie Version of Anansi Boys

Neil Gaiman Scripting Movie Version of Anansi Boys

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Sorry, expensive Comic-Con panels, but over on his official site, Neil Gaiman has revealed what I think is the most exciting movie news of the week.

In a typically candid, not to mention engrossing, blog post, Gaiman gives the history of how he’s come to write one draft of an Anansi Boys movie and seven drafts of a Dr. Who episode. Go, read it.

Read it? Good. Then you’ll know how Gaiman describes his Anansi Boys screenplay as “pretty good”, how he was originally planning it as a TV series and what a Hollywood producer told him in order to get him working on the feature film version.

This news doesn’t come completely out of the blue. A tweet by Gaiman in April revealed that there was some kind of Anansi Boys script being prepared, but not that it was a movie – or for that matter a TV show, a stage play or anything else:

Wonderful sunny day. Anansi Boys script starting to look a bit more like a script. National Library Week next. It’s a good day.

There’s also a clue in Gaiman’s story that a certain star is already interested in the project, and has been involved from the moment it was conceived, though Neil says he won’t name this actor “for now”. I think we can assume it’s somebody black, seeing as Fat Charlie, Rosie Noah and Anansi are the only star-sized roles in the story.

Gaiman’s story doesn’t quite end, but promises us – and Neil himself – that an end is in sight. For the next few days at least it seems he’s going to be rewriting his Dr. Who episode into it’s seventh draft, once more helping it work and well and on a TV budget.

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