Predators To Get A Sequel, Robert Rodriguez To Produce

Straight Outa San Diego: Predators is to get a sequel and Robert Rodriguez is to stay on as producer. Here’s why this is a little surprising: the film dropped over 70% of it’s box office in its second weekend. That’s not good.

The figure at the end of that weekend was riding at around $40 million and while I don’t have completely reliable information on what the budget was, nor what the marketing costs ran to, I’m not picturing the sort of balance sheet that would normally trigger a sequel, or at least not so swiftly. Surely a film like Predators really needs to be judged on its performance in the home video market anyway?

We reported a couple of weeks back that director Nimrod Antal had discussed a possible Predators sequel with Rodriguez. His name was left out of the announcement today… simply because he hasn’t signed on? Because he’s too expensive? Or because he just doesn’t want to do it?