Clip From New 3D Roadrunner Cartoons – Much, Much, MUCH Better Than What We Saw Yesterday

Yesterday, I ran a YouTube clip that showed the Cartoon Network’s preview of an upcoming Looney Tunes show for TV. Most of that clip was taken up with CG footage of the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote and… it was not nice.

Today – perhaps as a quick fire damage limitation exercise – Warner Bros. have released a clip from their upcoming theatrical Roadrunner shorts, which evidently have had more resources thrown at them than their TV counterparts. These will be playing in 3D ahead of some of their family-friendly releases with the first, Coyote Falls, attached to Cats and Dogs 2 next month.

You’ll see for yourself that this clip is far more attractive than what we saw yesterday. Better still, it’s funny.

Jerry Beck of Cartoon Brew has seen the three shorts so far produced. Here’s his verdict:

The characterizations, posing, even the sound effects and music (by Chris Lennertz) are spot on. I especially liked the explosions, which in CG have a stronger impact and thus are funnier. The 3-D is even used to extend into the audience – something most modern filmmakers are loathe to exploit. At three minutes these films really are too short (I think some trailers are longer than that), but they show real potential.

He also reveals that the short’s director is Matthew O’Callaghan, who last gave us Open Season 2.