Stan Winston’s Creatures Coming – New Movies, TV, Comics and More

The legacy of Stan Winston, special effects master and animatronics designer, is about to get even richer with a new wave of movies, TV shows, comics and video games going into development under the Stan Winston’s Creatures banner.

The basis for all of these properties will be plot outlines and character designs that Winston had worked on before his death. Many of them, such as Trakk the time-travelling hunter, have already been seen as action figures.

Variety line up the various potential franchises like this:

Nine seperate properties, with their own worlds, mythologies and characters, such as Extreme Gargoyles, Mutant Earth,Realm of the Claw, Robot Revolt, Four Horsemen, Morgoolum, Alien Universe, Dark World and Blood Wolves.

And give some more details on Robot Revolt in particular:

A group of teenagers… work as a mining team on an asteroid belt, controlling large robots with their minds. When an evil dictator takes over their universe, their minds are melded into the robot bodies and the group leads a revolt against the enemy.

There was a lot of work done on a Japanese TV show being developed from this particular idea, but it never appears to have made it to air. Indeed, even the toys derived from many of Winston’s designs and concepts went unreleased.

Stan Winston’s Creatures will have a stand at Comic-Con, and the line could well be foregrounded in the “Winston Effect” panel on Saturday’s program. More news as it happens.┬áIn the meantime, you might want to explore the “hidden” Stan Winston’s Creatures website. Going in the front door won’t get you anywhere.