Storm Lion Will Still Be Storming San Diego

They may be down but they are not out!

Some may compare them to the Walking Dead posters around the show. But Storm Lion will be running. There may be no money coming into the company. The studio doors may have closed. But a studio is not just the desks, offices and computers. It’s the people as well. And the booth display has already been paid for.

So a decision has been made. Edmund Shern and the rest of the Storm Lion crew will be exhibiting at San Diego. Showing off their work, their talent, their comics, their films, their designs. Looking for investment. Looking for commissions. Looking for jobs, some of them.

But all of them putting their best foot forward. They are proud of what they have created. And they want to share it with you, here and now, no matter what the future brings. You want to help them? Buy their Turbulence art book (pictured) – they’re deservedly proud of it.

You go, lions.

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