30 Second Teaser For Film of Eric Powell’s The Goon

I love zombies, like Blur studio and Paul Giamatti, and I’m waiting for somebody to lend me some Goon comics to read so I can get into them, too, but I’m not sure this teaser trailer has me quite convinced about the feature film. It’s just… so… normal.

Luckily for me, it’s just a trailer for another, longer trailer that will be unveiled at Comic-Con’s Goon panel on Friday night and then, when the panel is done, on MTV’s Splashpage. So glad I’ve got another chance to twist my knickers and join the club.

Here’s the original listing for the panel:

6:00-7:00 The Goon Film Panel— The Goon creator Eric Powell joins Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler from Blur Studio to discuss the animated feature film adaptation of the comic book series. Room 24ABC

MTV now report that Paul Giamatti, the voice of Frankie, and David Fincher, the film’s producer, will also be on the panel. The queue just tripled in length at least.