Sunday Runaround - Old Batmen, New Doctors And Chase Variants

Sunday Runaround – Old Batmen, New Doctors And Chase Variants

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OldComicWatch: The Batman #1 found in a dresser and sold for $500 will be on the slab for tens of thousands. Apparently it has very white pages, due to the location the comic was stored in.

Fairbanks is only about 150 miles from the Arctic Circle – and those are ideal storage conditions for comics.

JobWatch: Chris Dejoya, and a number of Storm Lion employees, seemed to discover they were out of a job through Bleeding Cool

TrademarkWatch: Iverse is changing its Apple App name from Iverse Comics to Comics +. Which will I’m sure cause massive brand confusion with the Comixology Comics app. Which may be Iverse’s intention. But you can’t trademark the word “comics”…

FearWatch: The LA Times fears the dilution of Comic Con from the mainstream audience. I think this is a whole load of nonsense. Every year people say Comic Con is all about movies now, that the comics have been pushed aside. And that’s a big big lie. Yes you can spend your entire show in Hall H. And that’s fine. But if you like comics, there is more comic book panels, publishers and programming than any other English speaking convention. And just by pure osmosis, it gives every publisher, large and small, the chance to reach out to a new audience. The more mainstream the better! Next week I will encounter at least twenty amazing comic books I have never ever heard of. Plenty of comic creators, each one a vertiable genius, who no one has yet written about. Me? I can’t wait.

SwipeWatch: True Blood swiping Preacher?

MeWatch: Chase Variant from Image gets re-reviewed;

Chase Variant is more than just a punchline, she is a glimpse into a high tech cloak and dagger world, like Aphrodite born fully formed from the seashell, this is a complete and accomplished (and yummy) work. There is not a damn thing wrong with this comic, and coming from me, that should say something.

DoctorWatch: Americans who watched Doctor Who: last night, you might enjoy my Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens from a few weeks ago… and then enjoy a bunch of speculation mixed with pre-broadcast spoilers for the final episode.

Steven Moffat is currently writing the next series. As he just tweeted;

Ooh, I didn’t expect to write THAT. I love it when I manage not to spoiler myself.

And his co-writer on Sherlock, Mark Gatiss talks about the new show here.

There are, Gatiss conceded, “immutable” elements of the Holmes stories, such as the hound of the Baskervilles and Moriarty. “These things go together like Doctor Who and the Daleks.”

Talking of which, welcome to Daleknetics:

Oh and as for the Matt Smith leaving the series after 2011, remember it was The Sun who reports it. Which has a tendency to be very very right… or very very wrong.

Hmm, that sounds familiar…

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