Five Ways To Pay For Your Trip To San Diego

Five Ways To Pay For Your Trip To San Diego

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San Diego is expensive. Really expensive. I mean I know you think that catching a can from town on a late night is expensive but that’s just peanuts to San Diego. Listen…

But there are ways to reduce just how much you spend. And I don’t just mean skipping on lunch, stocking up on snacks from Ralph’s, sleeping on the harbour bay of whoring yourself out in the Gaslamp district. Because there’s a different kind of bay to consider. eBay.

1) Free branded stuff. The True Blood Do Not Disturb signs from last year’s San Diego hotel rooms were a great example. Though beware about putting yours out, I saw some fanboys taking them from neighbouring hotel room doors. Get as much free stuff as you can from everywhere, Scott Pilgrim, Walking Dead, put it all in one of those Warner Bros massive bags, then put the lot on eBay. You could get $100 to $200 all in. Though postage will probably be a bitch. Those Crossed masks from the booth coming up next would be a crowing glory.

2) Alan Moore Signed Leatherbound Light Of Thy Countenance. 350 copies of this rather wonderful Alan Moore graphic novel for $65 each. In a comic con that’s steeped in Alan Moore, the Avatar booth will the the most Alan Moorish place of the show, with the debut of Neonomicon #1 too. They’ll easily sell out through the show, you should be able to sell this on for $100 or more. And it should bring some attention to one of Moore’s most absorbing works, adpated by Antony Johnston and drawn by Felipe Massafera. Also check out the leatherbound Warren Ellis books from Avatar,  the sketch covers from Boom! and the sketchbooks from all sorts of artists. Signed with a sketch, natch.

3) The White Lantern Sinestro and Black Lantern Hal Jordan figures from Graphitti are just $20 each with a print run of 2000 each. That’s a decent price for something so limited so expect lines, as a bunch of people queue up to get their 5 maximum figures each. And these have half the production run of the Arkham Asylum figure from the same company. Should be able to double your money here. And the Futurama Plush Nibbler is $30 with a run of 500 from Toynami. There are a lot more than 500 Futurama fans out there.

4) Free sketches! Everyone has time to do a free sketch on a comic book backing board. And if you’ve got a smartphone, you can put it on eBay seconds after receiving it. As long as you can live with yourself that is.

5) Kidnap Neil Patrick Harris and hold him to ransom. That might just about pay for your hotel room. And your $1000 scalped tickets.

Now Hasbro Galactus should be an easy one as well – but it will be up on the Hasbro website too, as will the Iron Man Mighty Muggs figure. That will have an impact on the price you’re able to flip stuff for. Same with the IDW Rocketeer Artist Edition at $100, there will be demand but the book will be available from other venues – and people already know it… you need a real mixture of exclusivity, low availability and lack of knowledge to make con pay for itself… but it can be done. Good luck! The Hot Toys Predator from Sideshow might also be worth an expensive punt for the long term…

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