SCOOP: Storm Lion Studio Shuts Down Before San Diego (UPDATE)

Storm Lion is a publisher/studio/developer entity formed in Singapore, with a significant prescence in the USA pursuing a number of comics and film properties.

Headed up by Edmund Shem, who used to be a Radical guy Рand indeed sorted out their investment from Singapore,  San Diego Comic Con was expected to be a big splash for Stom Lion. Films like Mnemon, Brinkmen and The Deserter in the works and comics such as Black Light Tango Down, Devolution and their studio book Turbulence: The Art Of Storm Lion, eighteen months worth of product all ready to make its debut.

However it is not to be.

I’ve just heard that expected funding agreements couldn’t be agreed. And rather than drag it out, the decision has been made to shut Storm Lion down today, rather than spend any money on a big publisity stunt with no hope of actual publication.

Projects are being canned, creators are being informed, staff are resigned to it, even though it came as a surprise to many today. Edmund is flying to Singapore to talk to staff there. He still hopes to turn things around, but the future isn’t very rosy. And as it stands, right now, the company won’t be at San Diego.

Which means there’s a large booth at San Diego going begging. And rooms at the Hard Rock hotel rooms up for grabs to the highest bidder.

As of course is a fully fucntioning studio with eighteen months of very pretty IP developed ready to roll. If there are industry vultures or a white knight out there, you could pick up a bargain.

(UPDATE Рwell  it seems like someone was reading. Within an hour of posting this, Storm Lion had suddenly entered negotiations with a new party. Fingers crossed folks, this could be good news.)

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