Your First Image of Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern – UPDATED Now High-Res

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, the first image of Ryan Reynolds in his CG-rended Green Lantern garb.

It’s a mystery to me why they didn’t build a suit and have Reynolds wear it, but they didn’t and instead, his costume throughout the entire movie is going to be computer generated. The only reasonable excuse I can think of is that the final design couldn’t be set before the cameras had to roll, but that seems pretty unlikely.

EW also provided the following quote from Reynolds on Hal Jordan:

Will and imagination are his superpowers. We need a circus of Timothy Learys to think of things Hal would invent with his ring.

Because nothing says willpower and imagination like dropping out on acid.

This issue of Entertainment Weekly is due to hit stands within hours. When a higher-resolution version inevitably becomes available, I’ll update this post. In the meantime… is anybody else mystified by that headline on the cover, “The new Buffy”? What’s that going to be?