Ten Ways To Protest The Westboro Baptist Church At San Diego

Earlier today we reported how the Westboro Baptist Church were planning to protest at the San Diego Comic Con, minutes after doing the same to Al Gore up the road. But what can Comic Con attendees to to show their disdain for this crowd without ending up in jail? Here are a few suggestions I’ve been receiving.

1) Twi Hards! There may be no Twilight panel this year, but a bunch of sparkly vampires surrounding the God Hates Fags signs might give them causeto flee. Can Twilight Destroy Bigots?

2) Glee Flash Mob. Don’t stop believing. See if you can get any of them to join in.

3) Darth Vaders. Lots of Darth Vaders. Gay Vaders even better. Repeating “I find your lack of faith… disturbing”

4) Find someone to preach from the Gospel Of Kal El, about how Jor El sent his only son to save us. And how, after Doomsday killed him, he returned from the dead. And now walks across America touching the hearts of those he meets.

5) Thor and other Gods of Asgard pointing out that they have the exclusive franchise rights for the weekend and no more that one faith may exhibit at the convention.

6) A competitive protest. God Hates Klingons. Skrull Must Die. Kill The Kree. Daleks Go To Hell. That kind of thing.

7) Join in the protest dressed as the worst villains in genre. Darth, Lex, Joker, Green Goblin, the worst of the worst, all with God Hates signs. God Hates Jedis, God Hates Superman, all that. And then get photos everywhere.

8) Na’Vi this is your moment.

9) A mass of Rorschachs all with The End Is Nigh placards.

10) Bring on the Suicide Girls on one side. And the Zenscope Booth babes on the other. Make a sandwich.

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