First Green Lantern Video Gives Us A Behind-the-Scenes Tour

They’ve let the ABC cameras onto the set of Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern, and the result is one of those news-show packages that concerns itself with such stuff we hardcore geeks can hardly care about.

Nonetheless, it’s worth watching for a quick look at a scene being filmed between all of the blah.

The report was shot at the film’s lakefront airport location, at which the production will have shot for six weeks of a 100 day schedule (if we can believe ABC’s numbers). This suggests the airport  shoot constitutes around 30 percent of the film’s principal production, but how much of the movie that will translate into is anybody’s guess.

In the background over the presenter’s shoulder, at the beginning and end of the clip, you will see a TV set displaying the following image. I just know one of you will be able to identify it. Is there anything meaningful we can decode from it?