The Social Network Won’t Be Allowed to Advertise on Facebook

This is probably not going to hurt them one iota, but it has transpired that Sony won’t be able to advertise The Social Network, the so-called Facebook movie, actually on Facebook. That’s 500 million users, if the popular figures are to be believed, who will just have to find about the movie many of them already know about from elsewhere.

Speaking to All Things Digital, Sony’s SVP of Media Relations for the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group said:

Facebook’s advertising guidelines don’t allow ads to reference the company unless Facebook has cooperated with the object of the ad. So, we won’t be advertising there given these parameters.

When the film’s trailer was released a couple of weeks back, I noticed a big disparity in reactions between blog-savvy, self-proclaimed film geeks and the typical Facebook user. The former was largely positive, the latter largely negative. It was quite a particularly difficult and provocative trailer, though, in most respects. Here it is now, in case you’ve missed it thus far: