San Diego: Chuck’s Million Dollar Comic Books

Posted by July 6, 2010 Comment

Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics has announced he’s to sell the last of the  Mile High/Edgar Church collection Golden Age comic books that made his name.

Buying 18,000 in 1977, these high-grade titles have been much desired and have a combined estimated value of over a hundred million dollars today, though most have of course been sold on.

And now Chuck is to sell the final forty from the collection. Including the highest graded copy Red Raven #1 from Timely, the predecessor to Marvel Comics, from 1940. And the full twenty-two issue run of The Spirit series from the mid forties.

Chuck estimates the combined value to be over a million dollars and is bringing all the books to San Diego Comic Con 2010 to sell. They will be available to public view, but you can probably expect the kind of security that, well, won’t look out of place amongst all the cosplayers I suppose.

Hey Chuck, how much would a panel from The Spirit cost? I’ll bring my own scissors.

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