Monday’s Rushes – Pictures of Boobs, Bums, a Stuffed Bird and More

The Blemish have some on-set pictures of Anna Faris and Chris Evans completely naked, most them considerably more revealing than the one I’m running here. Are these pictures even legal? They come from the shoot of What’s Your Number, the next picture from Mark Mylod, one of my all time favourite TV directors.

Jim Sturgess has had his MySpace page updated with recordings by his previous band Saint Faith.

Paramount’s long-in-development ‘genius serial killer’ film Grandmaster has a new screenwriter, report The Quiet Earth. They’re saying that Timeless scribe Michael Bartlett has been given the gig. If you haven’t heard of the film before, it’s based upon a real case in which a chess grandmaster was set to decipher clues left by a criminal, a la Se7en, I suppose. The real case was covered by Time magazine and it’s quickly clear that any studio film is going to beef matters up somewhat.

The original 2001 TV version of the Alien Evolution documentary is to be included on the upcoming Alien Anthology Blu-ray set, as confirmed by the BBFC.

I’m not quite buying into a Daily Mail report on The Sweeney, a big screen rehash of the cops ‘n’ slags drama from 70s UK TV that’s been on and off for years now. They’re claiming Ray Winstone is still attached as a John Thaw surrogate, and that Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig and Tom Hardy are competing for the other lead, in lieu of Dennis Waterman. More plausibly, they’re reporting that Nick Love and Ian Kennedy Martin have co-written a script for the film.

Here’s a sizzle reel for Absentia, a creepy little indie picture that’s still shooting. Doug Jones shared the link via Twitter, but a tip of the hat is due to Hey U Guys too (even though I found it by myself). All of the following footage comes from the first week of production and shows no colour correction at all, and the sound is either unmixed or just temporary.

Day of the Beast‘s Alex de la Iglesia has been awarded the Spanish National Cinema Prize. El Mundo report that the affirmation and recognition comes with a 30,000 Euro bonus on the side. A shame that the director’s last film, The Oxford Murders, was really quite poor.

We’ll stay in Spain for this trailer. It’s a promo for Eugenio Mira’s Agnosia. It looks quite remarkable, and thanks to newly-minted English intertitles, it’s a good deal more comprehensible to me than last week.

Madonna has reportedly cast Natalie Dormer as The Queen Mother, aged 19, in W.E., her Wallis Simpson movie. Dormer’s previous spin as a royal was as Anne Boleyn in The Tudors. The Telegraph footnote their report on this new casting with a note that Margot Stilley, cast as Lady Thelma Furnesss, has left the project.

Found via The Playlist were the following images of Viggo Mortensen as Freud and Michael Fassbender as Jung, on the set of David Croneberg’s A Dangerous Method. ┬áThe images come from TT and Heute, where you can also see Keira Knightley in costume should you wish to.

Roger l. Jackson will again provide the “ghostface” voice for Scream 4, according to Wednesday’s Korner (via Bloody Disgusting). I’m glad, because he’s really very, very good at it.

Neil Gaiman has responded to rumours about the title of his Dr. Who episode via Twitter:

NB: My Dr Who Episode was only called The House of Nothing for about 20 mins in Feb 2009, when it still had a house in it. & some nothing.

I’m assuming there’s still some nothing in it somewhere, for pacing’s sake at least.

Director Adam McKay shared this deleted scene from Talladega Nights via Twitter and Funny or Die. It was apparently not included on the DVD, so has presumably not been seen in public before. It’s a long one now, so Rushes will bow out now, and see you tomorrow.