Speculator Corner: Three To Watch And One To Avoid

So, you want to enter the dangerous world of comic book speculating. Buying a comic from a retailer for twice what he paid for in the hope that he’ll want to pay quadruple what he originally paid, to buy it back one day. Remember it’s easy to make a small fortune in comic book speculation. Start with a large one. But if you haven;t yet been put off… here’s three to watch and one to not.

1. Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark. Cover price. $4.99. Just sold for: $8.50

This very silly comic from Image has been an instant sell out at distributor and retail level, with plans for a second print on the way. Some fans have been drastic to get a copy. Most copies are being sold at just above cover price on eBay, once that market is exhausted, expect prices to creep up.

2. Death Of Dracula. Cover price: $3.99. Just sold for: $5.75

X-Men #1 ships next week, with much higher sales figures. Already a sellout with another print on the way, this prequel to X-Men #1 may suddenly get a spike of interest.

3. FAME: Robert Pattinson. Cover price: $3.99. Just sold for: $14.99

Okay, this kind of sale may be dependent on temporary madness on the part of someone. But it’s had a sellout from a very generous overprint, it’;s Twilight, what are you going to do? Well pick one off the shelf of your retailer at cover price and flip it, obviously.

Not: Wonder Woman #600. Cover price $4.99. Just sold for: $4.29. Yes it’s had a burst of media PR. Yes Nikki Finke has announced it sold out at distributor level. But unless you have an ultra rare variant cover, this won’t make its money back.

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