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So, Rushes it is. Seemed like a rather popular choice and Rich, who definitely has an eye for these things, was quite clear himself.

Making Of have premiered an exclusive Inception behind-the-scenes featurette. It won’t embed properly, I’m afraid. This one from Hit Fix will, though:

The MPAA have given Saw VII 3D an R-rating, report Arrow in the Head. I suspect, even with the 3D selling point, Paranormal Activity 2 is going to win out at the box office this Halloween.

Meanwhile Gore Verbinski says that funding for the Bioshock movie he’s producing is being limited over as a result of the film’s potential rating. He told IGN, “The problem with BioShock was R-rated movie, underwater, horror. It’s a really expensive R-rated movie. So we’re trying to figure out a way working with Juan Carlos [Fresnadillo, the film’s director] to get the budget down and still keep so it’s true to the core audience, you know?”

Stephen Bishop has landed the role of David Justice, an Atlanta Brave designated hitter, in Moneyball. Now it’s a Bennet Miller film and not a Steven Soderbergh one, I’m not sure I can keep my interest from sinking right off the bottom of the chart. THR remind us that Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Robin Wright and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are already in the cast.

Liza Minnelli’s appearance on the Home Shopping Network seems to have been something of a jaw dropper. Was it funny? Was it sad? I’m distrubed and confused, and I blame Vulture for highlighting this barrage of oddest bits clip.

The stage musical version of Elf is getting a limited, Christmastime engagement on Broadway say Variety.

TV theme tunes have proved to be a lucrative part of the UK export economy. According to the BBC, revenues in that field make up “the lion’s share” of composing royalties.

Judging from the below image, as posted on their Facebook page, Criterion are prepping a new release of Alexander Mackendrick’s fantastic The Sweet Smell of Success.

In a new press release, Ofcom have announced that the UK public are actually rather tolerant to swearing on TV.

The research report says that words such “loony”, “nutter” or “poof” can be used by programme hosts at any time of the day. Ofcom said the public seemed to be willing to accept or tolerate some mild swearing during the day. However, the F-word is still unwelcomed and prohibited from being used before 9pm every night.

And then, there are the medium level swearing words such as “s**t” and “b***h”. The research report suggested that the public has a more relaxed attitude towards these words but there are two schools of thought here. Some adults are against these words being broadcasted before 9pm, while another group would not mind hearing them earlier in the evening.

Without much surprise, words such as “f**k” or “c**t” are still considered as highly offensive by the public and should only be broadcasted after 9pm.

Meaghan Martin and Malara Walsh have been cast in the Mean Girls sequel. Martin is playing Jo, chief Mean Girl, while Walsh is set to play one of her underlings. The ‘nice’ lead character, Abby, has yet to be cast. Perhaps it’s proving difficult to find somebody with the charm and charisma of a young Lindsay Lohan?

Jack Thorne, screenwriter of the Skins movie, won’t cut After Ellen a break. He point blank refuses to tell them anything about the film at all.

Super Hero Hype premiered this Megamind poster. Why are they foregrounding the cheeseball hero so much? I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t something in Brad Pitt’s contract.

Critical Films are showcasing some footage from martial arts movie The Warrior’s Way as showreels for FX consultants, Jason and Arnon. These were found by 24fps.

NBC are working on a TV show about videogaming. As per Joystiq’s report, the show would be about “gamer culture and the people who make games.” They’re apparently thinking of calling it Game On which is just about as naff and awkward as the titlecard in the Scott Pilgrim trailer that says “It’s on like Donkey Kong” and in more or less the same way.

Sam Worthington’s production company Full Clip is getting into a Virgin/Liquid type deal where they try to create potential films by starting with comics. The Hollywood Reporter mention one project in particular: Damaged, the tale of “two brothers committed to justice in different ways — one inside the law, one violently beyond it.” Stray Bullets‘ David Lapham is writing the graphic novel. Does Rich know? Let’s see if he reads this and comments.

USA Today premiered some pictures from Burlesque, a quasi-saucy musical with Christina Aguilera, Cher and Kristen Bell. Here’s a peep of the old hand and the debutante.

David Duchovny will make his New York stage debut in Neil Labute’s play The Break of Noon. Jo Bonney is directing. According to the press release, the play is about “a man who, amidst the chaos and horror of the worst office shooting in American history, sees the face of God”.

Sean Penn will produce and maybe star in a biopic of famous surfer, Dorian Paskowitz. Yes – they have famous surfers. Variety name Paul Feldsher as the film’s screenwriter.

That’s all for today. And yes – I was being sarcastic about Lindsay Lohan.

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