The Great Doctor Who Conspiracy III: The Big Bang Theory

The Great Doctor Who Conspiracy III: The Big Bang Theory

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Okay, we’ve got a lot to get through, Settle down at the back. Saturday sees the final episode of this series of Doctor Who. Apart from the Christmas Special which is an intolerable way off.

The following is a mix of spoilers and speculation. If you want to remain virgin pure, look away now. And come back on Saturday evening to see how I did. By pure chance, I’ll get something right.

I’ve run two of these things so far. The first was mostly scotched – though there may now be an explanation for some of the inconsistencies. The second is still to be confirmed but looks more and more likely. So lets have a third and final great Doctor Who Conspiracy!

So what’s going on? Well, the BBC have very carelessly left a whole cache of production images on their server. Grab them here before someone hurriedly takes them away.

So first, the Pandorica. With the Doctor inside it. What happens to it? Well, it seems to survive. And to go on a bit of a journey…

I have not seen the next episode of Doctor Who. But we can theorise. The Pandorica surviving thousand of years and ending up in a museum. Where little Amelia Pond comes across it.

And if the universe is sucked into the cracks, erasing its very existence, will Leadworth survive? Anagrammed DR WHO LATE? If so.. why? Who is keeping is alive?

You know there are stories about a Roman Centurion who lived for ever. Usually the fellow who stood with Jesus at the crucifixion. But what if it’s Auton Rory? What if he is the Wandering Jew? What if he ends up in Leadworth watching the real Rory and Amy grow up? What if he tries to build his own TARDIS?

What happened to the Vortex Manipulator that River Song used to travel around with? The Doctor couldn’t have pocketed it at some point, could he? That might be a way to escape. Oh look…

So if the Doctor manages to escape using the Time Vortex manipulator – the Pandorica being a wonderful trap in three dimensions but not four, who is actually inside the Pandorica? Is there someone who could do with being frozen in time right now? Possibly healed over millenia? Maybe just gutshot by an Auton? No wonder Auton Rory is happy to stand on guard for all that time.

And so when the Pandorica opens again, who better for Amelia Pond to see inside than her own grown up self? And whose memories has been keeping Leadworth alive, an impossible place. With strange time inconsistencies, with no ducks, and a large house with no parents and a disappearing aunt with mysterious unfilled rooms and no memories of Daleks.

The First Conspiracy theorised that the Doctor had returned to see Amelia Pond when she was seven after all. The Second that the Doctor was travelling into his own past, changing, fixing and amending things – whether at the time of young Amelia, telling Amy to remember what he told her when she was seven, and even over the body of the dying Rory. Having a Time Vortex manipulator would make that so much easier to just slip in and out…

So will Amy marry a rubber man? What will the tabloids say? Children”s TV Show Promotes Sex Toy Marriages?

And who is the Big Bad anyway. I always liked that bit in the novels with the nascent Seventh Doctor causing the Sixth to regenerate, as he’d gone bad. Could the Dream Lord be the Tenth Doctor gone wrong, the Time Lord Victorious still hanging around? Could the man behind the plan to imprison the Doctor… be the Doctor himself?

Expect a Wizard Of Oz moment. Remember how all the good wizards are The Doctor? Maybe some of the bad ones are too?

And as for the final episode. The Big Bang, being set on the cataclysmic date the 26th June 2010 – is it mere coincidence that it’s the wedding date for Dalek voice and audio writer Nick Briggs, and the 40th birthday of comic writer Tony Lee?


Either way, here’s the cast list for next week’s episode with spoilers all of its own.

And here is the cast list:

# Matt Smith as The Doctor
# Karen Gillan as Amy Pond
# Alex Kingston as River Song
# Caitlin Blackwood as Amelia
# Susan Vidler as Aunt Sharon
# Frances Ashman as Christine
# Barnaby Edwards as Stone Dalek
# William Pretsell as Dave
# Halco Johnston as Mr Pond
# Karen Westwood as Tabetha

And lets have a few more production shot images. Geronimo…

And just who is River Song anyway? She knows the Doctor’s name, they’re clearly oh so close. Could she be a Time Lord in hiding? Maybe we’ll have to wait till next year.

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