Lying In The Gutters – June 21st 2010

Picture – Eve Johnston (5).

Welcome to Lying In The Gutters, a run down of the week in Bleeding Cool.

Top Ten Most Read Posts Of The Week

1. Green Lantern Poster From The Warner Bros Lot

It’s a poster. It might be for the movie. It might be for the CGI. It might be a fake. But you loved lookig at it! Number one most watched story of the week.

2. Doctor Hoo – Doctor Who In Owl Form

And you almost like looking at Doctor Who in Owls. You know, thnis is ticking a bit of my head that says “Why not run a blatant attempt at creating something viral ever week – and call it that.” You have been warned.

3. Classified Hulk – The Full Credits (UPDATED)

What Marvel’s Previews won’t tell you, Bleeding Cool will. Though has anyone seen Jeph Loeb?

4. New Looney Tunes Cast Revealed

And they are both tiny and toony.

5. Frank Quitely’s Drop Dead Gorgeous Cover To Judge Dredd Megazine #301

A bit of art porn there ladies and gentlemen. But ypu all loved it as much as I did.

6. A Twice-Monthly Spider-Man Slott?

An actual proper comic book industry rumour! With Dan Slott and Marvel not even acknowelfing its very existence. What can it all mean?

7. Even Bigger Doctor Who Finale Spoilers – No, Really, Stay Away (UPDATED WITH THREE MORE AND A CLIP)

Yeah, this was rather spoiler severe.

8. A Whole Lotta Shadowland

But this was a look at a Marvel promotion and why you might expect to see a lot of Shadowland on your stores shelving.

9.  Big Doctor Who Finale Spoilers. No Seriously, Big Gnarly Pointy Fingered Spoilers

More spoilers.

10. Was Monster Society Of Evil Canned For Racism?

Since reporting, all I’ve heard back from further sources was “yes”.

Today Bleeding Cool celebrates the fact that the Batporn video piece is now only number 17 on the chart. After seven weeks, its out of the top ten. Rejoice!

Bubbling Under

Tabloid outrage, $2.99 under threat, Kick-Ass 2 mismatches. Flying Beetles – pictures and videos, shaming a scammer, the cover to Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic #4, Black Panther’s Animated Series, Midnight Openings planned for Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 and Salma Hayek’s Kitty From Puss In Boots. Prrrrr…

Five You Should Have Read

Michael Siglain Quits DC For The Mouse

Mark Evanier On The Life Of Al Williamson

Kobe Bryant And The Stoned Buddha – A T-Shirt Swipe File Special

Is A Manhattan Comic Shop War Imminent?

Thanks to Adi Tantimedh, Eric M Esquivel, Aaron and Mike, Shea Hennum and Si Spurrier making his deadline busting return to Bleedin Cool!

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