Misfits Gets A Christmas Special

Posted by June 17, 2010 Comment

This is what happens when you get a BAFTA for Best Drama. Not only do you get the second series you were promised, but the channel throws in a Christmas Special hour long episode as well.

So, yes, E4 will now be broadcasting a Misfits Christmas Special on E4, written by show creator Howard Overman. Although in slightly less welcome news, the second series will now air next year, rather than ths November.

Still, that does mean an hour more of what has been considently the best super-power TV execution to date. If you haven’t seen it, especaially you Americans, this is what multi-region DVD players were invented for.

Of course, whether they will resolve the cliffhanger with Nathan in the hour, or save that for the new series, I don’t know. It could be a very lonely Christmas for him otherwise…

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