The Rich Johnston Story By Brian Bendis - Declines To Confirm He Was Offered Venom Movie

The Rich Johnston Story By Brian Bendis – Declines To Confirm He Was Offered Venom Movie

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Brian Bendis returned to the Word Balloon podcast talking with John Siuntres. They talked about many things, including a Dick Tracy strip that Bendis was offered to write with Mike Oeming drawing. And how it didn’t happen after being quashed by Warren Beatty. They then segued onto a Bleeding Cool piece that asked if a previous declined project set in the Spider-Man movie universe could have beenVenom – given that this project was the only comparable project that had been mentioned by the studio at the time. Though John and Brian seemed to think that Bleeding Cool stated it as fact, rather than raising the possibility.

Brian refused to confirm or deny the possibility when pressed, saying he wouldn’t want to overshadow someone else’s project – though it seems that could only happen if it was Venom. But anyway. Brian riffed further on the mysterious non-project twenty-nine minutes in saying;

What it was was the Rich Johnston story and then, what they decided was that a fey British man dressed as Kick Ass masturbating himself to sleep crying wasn’t really a movie so much… what? Why don’t you put that in the story. No, listen, the guy put a lot of time designing the Mark Millar suit of skin he’s going to wear when he finally decided to take his project. Anyway…

Will Rich Johnston have a headline saying the Rich Johnston story? I would like to see that. Maybe Evan Dorkin could draw it.

There’s a picture. Something like this? Work safe, of course.

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