Green Arrow #3 – A Cover Suggestion

Posted by June 4, 2010 Comment

Well bang goes any suggestion that “Brightest Day” might be light’n’brighty.

The cover for Green Arrow #3 in the new Previews, under the Brightest Day banner, has caused some retailers and fans concern. In that it’s all a bit gruesome for a DCU title, especially one featuring a prominent Justice Leaguer. Black bags have been brought up, some suggest under the shelf storage while others don;t see a problem at all.

So, what to do? Some have called for DC to create a brand new cover before publication but that kind of thing can be quite time consuming. So how about this little fix? Took all of three minutes, and that included adjusting my chair so it was comfy.

Problem solved. And since I charge a dollar a minute, DC are welcome to send me three whole dollars for my pains.

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