Marvel Say You Really Need The Death Of Dracula

Marvel Say You Really Need The Death Of Dracula

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Back in April, Bleeding Cool scooped the not-even-announced-yet-then Death Of Dracula book and described it as as a “new paradigm” for Marvel.

And so it seems. In press conference call, Marvel have been pushing the importance of the comic, shipping on June 30th.

Axel Alonso stated that the book will “explain and organize the vampire universe for future use” and Tom Brevoort added “Don’t be surprised when he dies. That is not the shocking ending, it is the shocking beginning.”

And it looks like the vampires of the Marvel universe are going to go on a bit of a tour. First they turn up in San Francisco alongside a suicide bomber, encountering the X-Men in the new X-Men #1, where the Curse Of The Mutants arc kicks off, and finding a common bond between the mutant and the vampire. They then moving over to the Avengers books.

The writer Victor Gischler talks about consolidating the Marvel vampires, gathering the different types and added a few new varieties to the mix. And editor Alex Alonso sees Dracula as being a new Doctor Doom-type figure for Marvel.

Basically Marvel are really trying to push the importance of the book even though at first glance it might not seem tied in to other franchises. This indicates that preorders of the book have not been as high as Marvel would like, or indeed think it deserves and this kind of activity is there to increase those preorders before the Final Cut Off date is set for retailers. The date has also been brought forward, out from July, into the end of June, increasing the urgency to get sales in.

And as to why Bleeding Cool wasn’t invited to the press conference when even Comic Bulletin were there, and we had to do with scraps from other people? Maybe it had something to do with this…

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