Comics Festival To Launch New Dublin Arts Venue

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The new Point Village Market has been open only a few weeks. Based in the Dublin Docklands, right beside the 02 Venue it promises free outdoor concerts, five gourmet restaurants, bars and a shopping centre. There’s Ireland’s biggest wheel, at 60 metres. And a 40ft Outdoor screen with stage.  And one of its main attractions is an open-air market that the organisers hope will attract the handmade crafts crew. Their brochure states,

We’ll have live music acts; fashion shows; art exhibitions; product launches; urban sports demonstrations; book & comic fairs; vinyl record conventions; antiques shows and many more…Every market day will feature its own mix of entertainment including buskers, live music, open mic comedy, soap box, kids clubs, community groups, dance demos and other performance based entertainment. We are aiming high, setting markets like Covent Garden in London, as our benchmark. We are building an attraction that is modern and vibrant, while recreating the charm of an old fashioned market place.

So what better way to open the new place than with a free comics festival?

Irish and European creators will be exhibiting at the show and a documentary will capture the weekend. Aimed at the general public rather than comitted collectors, it’s a free event, both for exhibitors and attendees, and will premiere new issues of the likes of  Short Sharp Socks and Absence.

If you want a free table, contact organiser Hilary Lawler here. And if you go, do let me know how it does. And whether it draws a crowd…

The Venue: Point Village Centre, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland
The Where: Saturday 12th June 2010, 11am-5pm
How to get there: Luas Red Line (straight to venue), The Dart, Buses are Regular (esp. the 15) Last bus: appears to be around 11pm. More info at (also the name of a comic by Paddy Lynch) (link:
Driving: Look for the 02 Arena out by Dublin port.
If you’re lost: Phone for directions at 086 827 4839
Parking available at various spots nearby.
Entrance Cost: There is not such a thing.

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