Drew Pearce, No Heroics Writer, To Script Runaways Movie

It’s no secret that I loved the No Heroics TV series. British sitcom along the lines of Nathan Barley, Pulling and Ideal, it focused on the off-duty stories of a bunch of superheroes in a pub, treating them in the fashion of B-list actors. And with more comics in jokes than you could throw Mjlonir at.

Pearce was also involved with the NBC pilot that transposed the UK setting to the US, that was sadly never picked up. And, despite the show being a relative hit on ITV2 and doing decent business on DVD, there’s no sign of a second series as Pearce has been reportedly involved with something else.

Probably this.

Now it’s reported that the series writer and producer, Drew Pearce, is writing the screenplay adapting Brian K Vaughan’s Marvel series, Runaways, to the big screen. About a bunch of powered-up supervillain’s kids who go on the run.

YouTube is full of No Heroics clips. But here’s a DVD extra with Pierce taking us around the set.

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