Misfits Season Two Starts Shooting

And we’re off.

Last year’ smash hit superhero TV series, leagues ahead of Smallville and Heroes, well ahead of No Heroics, and likely to make The Cape and No Ordinary Family look pants, was E4’s Misfits.

A group of young hoodlums working on community service, and granted super powers along with all sorts of people in the town, was an absolute highlight of the year. If you like superheroes, and you don’t mind a smattering of sex, violence and bad language, then you need to have Misfits on your shelf.

And they’ve just started filming the second series, still starring Robert Sheehan as immortal Nathan, Lauren Socha who was BAFTA nominated for telepathic Kelly, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as time-bending Curtis, Antonia Thomas as hormone attractor Alisha and Iwan Rheon as invisible Simon.

We left the last series with two dead social workers (uone in the underpass, the other in the freezer) and a town of affected people – the old age pensioner who can become twenty again, the man who thinks he’s turned into a Jack Russell dog, the brain washing straight edge evangelist and more.

Nathan is buried six feet under, his only hope is that Kelly will realise he’s alive. Curtis managed to save his girlfriend’s life in the past, only to dump her. And there’s a masked, hooded stranger who seems to be watching their every move – a force for good? An evil arch-nemesis intent on bringing about our gang’s destruction? Or just another kid in a hoodie?

Six new hour-long episodes for broadcast in November. Writer Howard Overman, director Tom Green and producer Kate Crow return to the show.

You know, these guys should really do a showing at San Diego… till hen, here’s a Trailer for what some of you may have been missing.

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