Titan To Publish Torchwood Comic In August

Titan Magazines already publish Torchwood comic strips inside their UK Torchwood magazine, focussed on the Doctor Who alien hunting spinoff TV series Torchwood. With some rather snazzy names.

Indeed it was a Paul Grist credit that made me pick up the magazine. And Titan Books have collected one or two of the strips in trade paperbacks as well.

Then in February, Titan created an online Torchwood comic as part of a promotion for TV channel Watch.

Nevertheless, as with Doctor Who, most presumed if there was to be a comic, IDW would do it. It seems that’s not to be,

Because, in August, Titan Comics will be publishing a new Torchwood Comic. Who’s doing it, no idea. What it’ll be about, again no idea. Who’s in it, who’s alive, who’s dead, when is it set? No idea.

I’m sure we’ll find out more as information comes out – officially or otherwise.

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