The Beano Gets New Seven Year Old Writer

Jim Shooter is famous for writing Legion Of Superheroes stories for DC Comics when he was fourteen. Well, Freddie Neno is going one better. The British seven year old is writing stories for weekly British comic The Beano. Writing for the regular strip, Fred’s Bed, about thh adventures of a young boy travelling to strange new worlds under his bed, Freddie is now officially the youngest writer for the comic, now in its eight decade.

I dunno, give him ten years or so and he’ll be writing a reinterpretation of Fred’s Bed that involve what goes on inside the bed rather than under it.

While over in Philadelphia, relatively world-weary eight year old Jonathan Krouse of Penn Valley, raised over eight thousand dollars money for the Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter from the sale of his comic book at the 2009 Memory Walk.

Hell, most comic book creators don’t make that much.

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