Kick Ass 2: Balls To The Wall For August, And Other Animals (UPDATE)

It wasn’t mentioned with the other Marvel solicitations for August. But it’s there on the Previews order form. Kick Ass 2: Balls To The Wall, for August.

Some had thought that the first issue would debut in September’s launch of CLiNT Magazine, but this appears to be an early bid by Marvel to make sure it gets the premiere first. Unless of course it snuck in my accident…

(UPDATE) Millar confirms the schedule stating;

We opted for August instead as it made sense to be out there for the DVD release. That’s a nice big ad for us.

One other nice thing to note is that the book is still $2.99. But it’s also one of those books that wouldn’t be vastly affected if it were $3.99. Which, in this day and age, is pretty much a nice thing.

So what else is happening away from the big five, with their press releases and compliant media?

Well, the first issue of Alan Moore and Jacen Burrow’s Neonomicon is listed from Avatar. See, thatls what I call compliant.

Then there’s Muppet Sherlock Holmes from Boom!… please let it be Langridge.

There’s the Tall Tales Bone collection, with Stupid, Stupid Rat-Tails, the Disney Adventures Exclusive story, The Adventures of Big Johnson Bone, Frontier Hero and new Bone stories.

The Boys: Highland Laddie, a Hughie spinoff, and a new issue of Palooka Ville from Seth, in hardcover.

There is also a Fantagraphics translation of the French-comic-that’s-now-a-hit-movie, Jacques Tardi’s The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc Sec which I will be all over.

Titan Comics launch Torchwood #1 to run alongside their WWE Heroes line. That’s probably news, isn’t it. Hmm. Maybe that should get it own spot.

And Yen Press launch their Gossip Girl manga. Won’t that be nice?

And sad face for the listings for CMX… never to be…

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