Brian Bendis Breaks Street Date On Siege #4! (UPDATE)

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Okay, only by one or two days, and for a small handful of issues. And of course, all in the name of fun!

Brian Michael Bendis announced a challenge on Twitter, stating that he was touring a few Portland comic stores on his bicycle and that anyone who stopped him could pick up a copy of Siege #4, New Avengers Finale and Dark Avengers #16 that are due out on Wednesday. As Bendis put it, “the end of a marvel era in my hands…”

No one found him in person at Things From Another World, though he left a couple of copies for people who called the store. But at Excalibur Comics, they were waiting for him…

Little did Brian know that these were representatives of pirate group the Minutemen who have already scanned and uploaded the books illegally.

Okay, okay, they weren’t. But fate demands that it happen.

While Bleeding Cool can’t bring you any other footage, we do have a satellite photo of Brian riding his bike.


Comic book recipient Hisham writes;

I’ll try not to give away too much about these issues. If you’ve followed any of the speculation around the teasers released by Marvel, you probably have a good idea about how this saga concludes. Siege #4 provides the climax to the Dark Reign saga. Dark Avengers #16 gives us the aftermath through the eyes of Harry Osbourne and his associates. New Avengers Finale features a confrontation with the Hood and sets up the Avengers relaunch with look back on the past half decade.

If you can get only one comic I’d go with New Avengers Finale because of the excellent art by Bryan Hitch and the extra large size, but all the books work together as a set.

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