It's Friday, Your Brain Is Slowing, It's Time For Kid Intense

It’s Friday, Your Brain Is Slowing, It’s Time For Kid Intense

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Kid Intense is is one of the following things;

A serious work of art exploring in infantile nature of the superhero taken to its logical extreme, encouraging the viewer to enter into a tantric state.

A superhero comic by some infantile mind who is taking it so very seriously.

A superhero comic by a fictitious infantile mind and it’s all a metatextual exercise.

A creation by someone who’s just laughing at people trying to work out which of the two it is.

Firmly based in Superman, purportedly created by one Vincent Morris, Kid Intense is… well… it’s pretty much indescribable. Here you go, experiene some of it yourself.

Or this;

It wants, it demands, it insists that it’s the real genuine article. But then a few “Bizarro” alternative versions of panels donated by others but posted alongsid the originals, belie that.

Reading the webcomic in any order does create an almost hallucinatory separation from expectations and reality – and it a lot cheaper than most chemical substances of that ilk.

Well what else were you going to on a Friday? Go on, have a look, and someone, somewhere, option it.

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