Friday Runaround – Freeeeeee Scott Pilgrim, Bring Him Back Home To Toronto…

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BookMarkWatch: A thousand comic stores will be getting a hundred Scott Pilgrim bookmarks each at the end of the month in time for Free Comic Book Day, promoting the movie and the final graphic novel in the series.

They really should do midnight openings for that one.

PoliticalInterpretationWatch: Right-wing/libertarian activist site BigHollywood claim Kick-Ass as one of their own.

The individual is king in “Kick-Ass.” Each character makes their own decisions and lives by the consequences of their actions. They do not wait for others to help them. They help themselves. They react to the empirical, undeniable, reality of right and wrong. They do not act selfishly, for they understand that in helping themselves, they help those around them.

At one point, in a hilarious riff on the main theme of the “Spider-man” films, Kick-Ass states that “with no power, comes no responsibility.” Isn’t that the central tenant of modern leftist thought? Why should they help others when the government does that? Why should they donate to charity when they patriotically pay their taxes? Why should they risk themselves when someone is in trouble because the police or military do that. Of course, “Kick-Ass” doesn’t reinforce this notion. It goes against it. Every human being is responsible for making the world a better place. The best way to do that is by making yourself the best you can be. You can’t turn a blind eye to evil and injustice, wallowing in your status as a victim, you must be proactive to defeat injustice and evil in a personal, direct, and often risky way.

PeriodZombieWatch: The Independent reviews Pride And Prejudice And Zombies: The Graphic Novel.

Graphic novels are perhaps best suited to panoramic depictions of a dystopian metropolis plagued by gangs of lawless bikers, say, or superheroes swinging their way downtown, not monochrome sketches of rural aristocracy, so in many ways the book doesn’t make the most of Richards’s undoubted talent.

That said, Tony Lee’s edit of Grahame-Smith’s text zips along murkily enough between scenes of undead carnage.

HeimlichWatch: Twelve year old girl saves life of friend with Heimlich Manouever that she learnt off of Spongebob SquarePants. Even though it involved a piece of chewing gun. Not the clarinetfrom the cartoon.

BreastWatch: As for yesterday’s Bizarre Breasts entry, here is absolute proof that breasts do indeed cause earthquakes. Unless of course it’s gayness in Archie.

ArchieWatch: Yes the world has gone Gay Archie Mad it seems. Many are surprised that Archie is even seeing publication still. And there are a lot of mainstream press questions.

The Wall Street Journal asks “Could a Madonna-themed issue of Archie be far behind?”

Entertainment Weekly asks “Are you, like me, going to pick up a Veronica comic for the first time in years after hearing this news, PopWatchers? And how great is it to watch the Riverdale gang become relevant again?”

And The Washington Post simply asks “”Betty or Veronica . . . or Kevin?”

Time to run that cover again.

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