Is It An X-Men Comic Or Is It A Fetish Icon?

Posted by April 21, 2010 Comment

Okay, it’s not like the X-Men and the fetish community are a Venn Diagram that never cross. What with the Hellfire Club, Wolverine’s claws, Rachels’ spikey red rubber suit, and persistent rumours about the influence of certain New York dominatrix clubs, there’s always going to be a certain frisson to Marvel’s mutants.

But bloody hell.

We have;

Latex clothing and rubber fetish gear – both parties here, though Emma Frost’s outfit is closer fitting and all-in-one.

Fornophilia – turning people into furniture and using them in that fashion.

Trichop[hilkia – the love of very very very long hair. Emma can stand on hers.

Maple syrup foodplay fetish – popular for sweetening semen and increasing sperm volume, as well as its sticky texture. Also an essential ingedient in a Canadian blowjob.

Shoe Fetish – platform shoes are often very popular, enhancing and exaggerating the shape of the foot. Also platform soles give greater wide impact that the concentrated pain of a stiletto heel in sadomasochistic play.

Tongue fetish – Emma’s darting tongue, ready to catch a drip of sticky liquid.

Oh and Power Girl boobs, impossibly thin ankles and waist, and all that yellow just screams urolagnia too…

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