Want To Be A DC Comics Writer? Be A Hot Artist First.

Posted by April 17, 2010 Comment

It was almost twenty years ago that Image Comics was formed, espousing the appeal of the comics artist taking the writing reins – and all the profits.

Well it looks like DC Comics is giving it a try too.

It appears that their trump card in any upcoming “exclusive wars” is to offer their hottest artists writing or co-writing duties.

Bleeding Cool already reported that David Finch will be writing and drawing a book. DC Source pointed out that JH Williams III will be co-writing Batwoman. Tony Daniel already written and drawn Batman for the company. Expect a fair few more through the summer – the likes of Andy Kubert and Dustin Nguyen have been mentioned.

Fifteen years ago, artists not being able to write their own stories was one of the reasons that Image Comics was set up. DC specifically seemed to be against it, fearing that they may face legal issues if it appeared that one person was the complete author of a story, rather than DC putting aspects together in a factory style. These days contracts are tight enough that this is no longer as much of a concern as it once was.

Of course, there are also some internal concerns as to how the new artist/writers perform. And there may be “script doctors” in hand to help assist the final book, with a little dialogue assistance here and there. And maybe an A-list name to “help with solicitation interest”.

But right now this is a trump card that DC is willing to play. And, as it stands, Marvel is less likely to.

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