Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Victory Of The Daleks

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There now follows spoilers for tonight’s episode of Doctor Who: Victory Of The Daleks. If you do not wish to see any spoilers, return to the homepage and continue reading the C2E2 coverage…

1. This Is A British War Movie.

Any stiff upper lip regarding a loved one means that loved one will die… Punt And Dennis put it so well.

2. We Almost Had Another Two Doctors

Somewhere down there, The Doctor and Rose are running around with gas-mask covered children. And Jack’s probably dodging Daleks.

3. War Propaganda Machine Hijacked By BBC Worldwide Marketing

I want that poster. I want that on a T-shirt. Got to say, as traps for the Doctor go, this felt like an inordinately complex one that didn’t quite justify itself. Couldn’t they have just gone on Give Us A Clue and challenged the Doctor to say what they were? Still the juxtaposition was nice, Daleks the ultimate Nazis, being used to fight… well, the Nazis.

4. New Toys For Christmas! New Toys For Christmas! Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

BBC Marketing just high fived each other. Bonuses all round in December, right there. And look, they’ve got a bit more room at the back for operators who, frankly after all this time sitting around in Daleks, have been putting on weight. Taller fatter Daleks with deeper voice and some iPod stylings.

5. Now That’s What I Call A Teasmaid.

Actually, BBC Marketing? How about a Dalek kettle? Come on, it makes a bit more sense than this week’s plot.

6. Saving The World With A Food Item. Again.

Stick of celery, jelly baby, banana, now a jammy dodger. You know I saw it and thought “that destruct button looks like a biscuit, trust the Doctor to design one like that. Then he eats it. Excellent.

7. Ah, Doctor Who On Black And White Telly Again.

Daleks always looked better in black-and-white didn’t they? So my Dad tells me anyway. None of this modern dayglo rubbish.

8. Didn’t They Do This Bit In Independence Day?

Yes. But not with space-worthy Spitfires they didn’t.  Daaah Dah Daah Daaah Dah Dah Daah Daah Daaaaaaaahhhh… Dalekbusters! Right ho chaps! Blow up the bally dalek bosh and be back home for beans on toast, what? Though I suppose Broadsword and Danny Boy are a little more Where Eagles Dare?

9. For A Perfect Life Form, Their Dalek Resources Management Sucks.

Seriously, you’re never going to improve morale in the ranks with that sort of thing. Very Nineteen eighties. Enough of all that now.

10. Iron Man Mark Zero?

It’s been a while since we had a proper Power of Love ending. I can hear Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Huey Lewis And The News doing some kind of off mash-up over this one. I wonder if this fella could be Tony Stark’s granddad though? And Amy… she does seem to have a ready answer for everything doesn’t she? Is this that self-causal loop I was musing about?

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